Monday, February 19, 2007

No Man's Woman

Scene: Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg, BK. I'm waiting for my friends' band to go on. I've walked what feels like 6 miles through an industrial area. I'm a little nervous, glad to see my friends, in need of a beer. A girl I don't know sits down across from me and starts fondling the arm of the boy next to her.

"I'm ----," she says. She has those big shiny eyes that make you think the person looking at you is stupid or stoned.

"Jen." I shake her hand.

"Are you Dave's girl?"




Blink, blink. "Well, whose girl are you?"

I lean over the table. "Baby, I'm my own girl."

At least I didn't have to man the merch table.


  1. It's funny how everything is brought back to poop. Even better, hobo poop.

  2. Less hobo poop, more frenching.

    This we like.


  3. And then you started wearing combat boots...

  4. Well. Hobo poop.
    Come on.

    Be your own person!

    Identity through suffering!