Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a Cartoon!

Not so very long ago, I was at drinks with a bunch of friends (I know! Shocking!) and one guy mentioned that I act like a cartoon character. It should be mentioned that this gentleman wears an old-timey mustache, like a strong man at the circus circa 1910. However, he wasn't wrong. I have been a practicing cartoon character for some time now. Even Mrs. Piddlington will tell you that I have been dressing like an anime superhero since I was allowed to choose my own clothing.

But now, at long last, I finally have my own cartoon. Much thanks to my bebeh, Adam "Sgt Lucky" Luckwaldt for coming up with the idea and for putting up with my "helpful" advice. Samples:

- "Isn't my chin, like, pointier?"

- "Oh my God! I'M SO CUTE!"

- "Can you email that to me immediately? You know, for reference? Or Facebook?"

Anyway, I love it. Thanks, bebeh.


  1. Cute! And I think he looks more like a cartoon villian, like an eastern european spy. Supposedly, said mustache is gone now.

  2. Well, he is quite sinister. He could, for example, inform you that you MUST PAY THE RENT. And I imagine that you would be terrified.

  3. A dream-come-true rendering, how freakin' awesome is that?!?

    Though... it looks... kinda... a little... like you just got hit in the face by a volleyball

  4. Jennifer,
    Contact your dear Aunt about Sgt. Lucky. Your people and my people need to talk, and I am blocked from contacting you by conventional email!