Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh, and Also

I'm not happy with the sequence of posts, but I don't make the news.

is dead. I'm quite sure it's Will Leitch's fault.


  1. Yeah, heard that earlier.
    Sad, but not exactly unexpected.

    Re: your linkee there, it seems amazing now, and only vestiges of it remain, but Horse Racing was once one of the most popular and influential sports in America.

    Maybe because we as humans have something of a love affair with the horse, an animal which has changed the face of human history on more than one occasion, or because it's a simple more 'pure' sport, or something else entirely... but apparently, even today, when they were transporting Barbaro from the race where, in a disastrous display of equine power, he powdered the bones in his foot, people were hanging banners over bridges on the highway that he was traveling.

    So i think a little bit of horse frenzy is in our blood.

  2. Don't get upset, but there is a connection between the death of Barbaro, Barack Obama and a little outfit called the CIA and its puppet regime in Cuber.

    --Taupey Shackelford