Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mom Loves That Angelina Jolie

Ma Smash: Oh her. She's so homely, I just don't understand.

Me: She's gotten very thin, it's true.

Ma Smash: Terrible legs. They're like sticks. And she has those big, whorey lips for giving blow jobs, for more money.


Ma Smash: For anyone! Anyone! Boy, girl, she doesn't care. Anyone who wants one, gets one.


  1. *sigh* If only Ma Smash were single, or at least a "swinger." You should ask her that--"Ma, are you a swinger, as in to *swing?*


  2. Dammit, I have to stop catching up on this blog while in class. Snorting like Bobby Brown on a coke binge in the middle of a lecture is considered a bit unseemly.

    Also: there should be Jennie Smash shwag, and some of it should feature Ma Smash.