Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...It's Another

Ma Smash: On top of everything else, the fucking boiler broke.

Oh, no!

Ma Smash: I'm standing in a puddle right now.

Me: Did you call the guys?

Ma Smash: Yeah, they're "on their way." Whoop-te-do!

Me: (Stifling a laugh.) Oh dear. Maybe you should go to a hotel?

Ma Smash:
I might. I just might.

I think you should. Go to the Sheraton, watch some premium cable, order room service.

Ma Smash: Go to the bar. I'm so pretty now, I bet I could get guys to buy me drinks!

Me: (Failing to stifle a laugh.) Yes, that's true!


  1. Well, you know, I'm just sayin', tattoos can be hot...this is wrong isn't it?

  2. oh i always love a good ma smash conversation.

  3. All hail the return of Ma Smash! Yee hawww! (sorry, being forced to watch a West Virginia game right now. Not sure what came over me.)