Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Parental Cuteness

Ramon from the mailroom thinks I'm crazy, because of all the packages I get. Here, as on this morning, are all the things my father has mailed me at work:

1) Money.

2) A carbon monoxide detector.

3) The Trouble with Tom: The Strange Afterlife and Times of Thomas Paine.

The latter arrived just this morning and had a note with it, plus a cartoon of my Dad grinning through his beard.


  1. omg, what great packages to receive~~ how funny!

  2. As I remarked at the time, your father is, in fact, Cloud man, or as the cool kids call him, Latiku's Cloud. Yes, I looked that up.

  3. So did you get that heater fixed? Or is the CO detector still in the box (probably sitting on top of the cold furnace)?