Tuesday, November 8, 2005

We Understood That There Would Be No Math

The Donut: I have a lot less $ than I should.

The Donut: Which means that one of two things is happening.

JennieSmash: ?

The Donut: a) Embezzlement.

The Donut: b) I'm spending too much...again.

JennieSmash:: Oh no!

The Donut: Obviously, it's a. My bank is stealing from me.


  1. All banks steal. I find little $2 and $5 service fees hiddin in my accounts every month. It is a conspiracy. I am going to study up on my computer programming, con someone at a very big bank to give me a job, then begin stealing 1/1000 of a dollar from every transaction the bank makes (a la Office Space) and then deposit it back into the accounts of all the people that get screwed because stashing money in your mattress is not socially acceptable. Or is it? That would be easier.