Monday, October 31, 2005


Here's a trivia fact for you: Alito is actually composed of several interlocking parts, a la Voltron. He is, in no particular order, the assembled components of Antonin Scalia, Hermann Goering, Bill Frist, a pitbull and Phyllis Schafly.

PS: I know the Photoshop is horrible. But one only has so long on one's lunch break.


  1. is that the Voltron made up of the Lions or the one made from like cars and boats, and airplanes?

    He's from Jersey, how bad could he be?

  2. That's obviously the Lion Force. The Space Explorers Voltron has a cone head.

    I'm not sure if Alito will turn out to be that bad. He didn't say that husbands should have veto power, just recieve notification. And he did affirm an Iranian woman's right to U.S asylum because of persecution based on gender.

    One thing I did think was pretty shitty was the way GW acted like he had no reason to choose a woman again because the nation rejected Miers.

  3. Voltron rocks! I have a 1984 metal cast lion set. (and I'm almost 30!)

    Thanks for the info. Great blog

  4. Supposedly Alito's mom came out with a statement claiming that he would overturn RvW if given the chance, so I may have to issue a retraction for my previous statements.

  5. Hey now! My pitbull (well, half lab) resents the comparison.